INJOMI LIMITED, Hong Kong company 2274375

INJOMI LIMITED is a Hong Kong company incorporated on 13 August 2015.

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Why is INJOMI LIMITED trying to remove themselves from search results?

Another message supposedly from INJOMI LIMITED:

Dear, DPO, this is an Official Request.

According the current legislation of Personal Data Protection, I request a removal from search-engines all the information about my Company and personal data, so that they are not indexed by Internet search engines like GOOGLE or BING

These are the links where my data appears.

INJOMI LIMITED, Hong Kong company 2274375

I request to you to delete online records of my company and directors information from search-engines like Google, by adding non-index tags to the pages. This is to prevent Google from searching for our webpage when browsing the Internet and therefore the page will not appear in the search results when similar or related keywords are entered.

To carry out this simple management, you only have to indicate to GOOGLE, … that these pages should not be crawled, using a noindex meta tag. The meta tag is <meta name = »robots» content = »noindex»>.

With the inclusion of the NON-INDEX Label, you do not modify your information in any way, your information remains unchanged and also does not affect the updating of your information in real time, the only difference is that the public will have to visit your website to access the information and not through internet search engines.

I need a urgent management of this important topic.

Thanks and Regards