Xialan Trading Limited 霞嵐貿易有限公司, Hong Kong company 3151946

Xialan Trading Limited 霞嵐貿易有限公司 is a Hong Kong company incorporated on 12 May 2022.

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Is Xialan Trading Limited (Chinese name: 霞嵐貿易有限公司) a scam?

We have received many enquiries concerning this company. Although it was only incorporated in Hong Kong in May 2022, since August 2022 we have received 15 messages asking about who is behind this company, invariably accompanied by stories of woe about how clothes were ordered, money was taken, but nothing was delivered. Around half the messages are in Spanish.

As I can’t see ordinary people potentially being scammed out of their hard-earned money, we have decided to release the information of this company’s shareholders and directors for free. (If you want Hong Kong company information just head to crhk.guru).

The company has two (2) shareholders:

  1. Fan, Linyuan, aka 范林元, owns 1% (!) of the company. They are from Sichuan province in China.
  2. A company from Guangdong Province, China, called 广州霞岚贸易有限公司, which translates approximately as Guangzhou Xialan Trading Co., Ltd, owns the other 99%.

The sole director of the company is the first shareholder above.

The company secretary S-Q Business (HK) Limited has the same registered address as Xialan Trading Limited.

If you want more details about this company, please get in touch.